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Human Resources

gga's comprehensive human resources management consulting services are provided for clients seeking assistance with organizational assessments, audits, reorganization, operation and function realignment, process and performance improvement or enhancement, and new technology implementation or integration. Our practice and methodology is designed to assist clients in discovering their strengths and weaknesses and identifying approaches and recommendations to augment and leverage HR practices that strengthens and addresses identified weaknesses. We assist clients by implementing needed HR policies, processes, systems and technology enhancements or modifications. gga incorporates and uses talent management solutions to enhance organizational change management strategies for long and short term performance improvement across the entire organization wherever it is needed. This comprehensive HR consulting services approach encompasses the following practice areas:

Human Resources Organization Analysis and Audit

gga consultants can analyze the functions of the human resources department including personnel files, recruitment practices, benefits administration, and personnel policies. We then develop recommendations to improve the efficiency of the human resources department aligned with the strategic plan of the organization. Human Resources Policy Development gga staff can assist your organization to review, revise and develop human resource policies and procedures. Whether it is a computer usage policy, family leave policy or developing protocols and procedures, our staff will work with your organization to tailor policies to fit your specific needs.

Job Description Development

gga consultants conduct job analysis through questionnaires, focus groups and/or interviews in order to provide updated job descriptions. Job descriptions are prepared to include essential duties and responsibilities. Updated job descriptions can assist in determining appropriate compensation, clarify employee duties and responsibilities, assist in performance evaluations, provide a basis for recruiting and interviewing, and provide employees with a clear set of performance expectations.

Salary Study Analysis

Our philosophy, when it comes to salary comparability studies, is to work diligently to get the most relevant data possible for our clients. Each employer has slightly different duties and responsibilities for a particular job title and we work to assure that the information presented is reflective of actual responsibilities. We compare job duties at comparable employers and not just job titles. gga works diligently to gather extensive information, and we utilize our past experiences to provide objective insight and recommendations. We produce and distribute the salary survey, follow-up with comparable employers, conduct extensive research and analysis, and produce a written report summarizing our findings and recommendations.

Staffing Analysis

gga conducts interviews and gathers comparable data to analyze your organizational structure and make recommendations to improve workforce efficiency and effectiveness through optimum staffing levels, department configurations, and changes in management practices.