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Executive Search

At the heart of every successful organization are talented, hard-working, resourceful individuals who know how to solve problems, create opportunities, lead others, and work effectively. At gga, we focus executive search on talent management solutions that fit the clients described needs and desires. We have distinguished ourselves through our ability to help companies identify, recruit, and retain the outstanding executive, management, professional, and technical staff they need to stay on the leading edge in their fields. Our outstanding team of search professionals are equipped with and use advanced technology tools in the recruiting practice along with our time tested recruiting methodology to research and identify candidates. Our sourcing begins with our personal resources cultivated through years of recruiting, and through gga's extensive database of outstanding talent developed over 30 years of successful placements with satisfied clients. gga's executive search work adds a unique twist that distinguishes us from most search firms; we specialize in presenting our clients with pools of outstanding candidates that meet the qualifications and that satisfy all requirements for the position from truly diverse backgrounds, including women and individuals of various racial and ethnic backgrounds. Our screening methodology and supporting documentation allows the client to focus on the best fit for their organization and management teams enhanced performance. gga strives to provide a rich recruiting experience and an outstanding result!