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gga History

"Gans, Gans & Associates (gga) is a human resource consulting and executive search firm founded in Chicago in 1986. Throughout gga's history it has been an innovative HR consulting firm that has provided exceptional tailored HR services to clients to address their needs. Born in Chicago in 1986, gga provided specialized workforce development services to Chicago and Midwestern clients in the private sector. gga expanded its client base geographically in the 1990's, and a Philadelphia office was opened to service its growing East Coast clients, including public sector clients. In 2003, gga also opened an office in Tampa, Florida. During this period, gga expanded its HR consulting practice and provided a broad range of talent management services as well as consulting service to its client base. As market forces changed and became more competitive, gga strategically chose to close its Chicago and Philadelphia offices, consolidating its offices in Tampa while establishing its national reputation as a leading HR executive search and management consulting firm in key public and private sector, Fortune 500 corporations, large public sector state and local governments, and public housing authorities. Today, gga is headquartered in Plant City, Florida. Since our founding, we have developed a reputation for our excellent HR talent management services, our integrity, and our comprehensive approach to fulfilling our clients' needs and expectations for helping them improve their performance. Our commitment to these ideals shapes the focus, energy, and direction of gga's on-going performance goals."